[{"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 106, "fields": {"name": "MOZIBUL HAQUE RESIDENCE", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "GULSHAN-2, DHAKA", "client": null, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "A RESIDENTIAL BUILDING, OWNER: MOZIBUL HAQUE, DESIGNED BY US AT GULSHAN -2, DHAKA", "image_1": "projects/MOZZ_3iNn0rB.png", "image_2": "projects/mr.mujib_16.05.2017.jpg", "image_3": "projects/Mr._mujib_Exterior_1.jpg"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 101, "fields": {"name": "PURBACHAL CRICKET STADIUM", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "PURBACHAL, DHAKA", "client": 33, "group": 3, "category": 16, "status": "consultancy", "description": "PURBACHAL STADIUM IS A PROPOSED CRICKET STADIUM BY BANGLADESH CRICKET BOARD TO BE BUILD AT PURBACHAL, DHAKA.", "image_1": "projects/Untitled.jpg", "image_2": "projects/Slide79_OTW8DA9.JPG", "image_3": "projects/Slide77_BSEVoLw.JPG"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 102, "fields": {"name": "SUVASTU LOHORI", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "GULSHAN AVENUE, DHAKA", "client": 34, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "IT'S A RESIDENTIAL PROJECT BY SUVASTU, CONSULTED BY US ,TO BE BUILT AT GULSHAN AVENUE , DHAKA", "image_1": "projects/SL1.png", "image_2": "projects/Suvastu_Lohori_52.jpg", "image_3": "projects/Suvastu_Lohori_50.jpg"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 103, "fields": {"name": "MONPURA MASJID", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "MONPURA", "client": 35, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "A MASJID DESIGNED BY US AT MONPURA", "image_1": "projects/Unt111111itled.jpg", "image_2": "projects/Mosque_Monpura_03_DXajqs8.jpg", "image_3": "projects/Mosque_Monpura_04.jpg"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 104, "fields": {"name": "MARIE STOPES", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "MOHAMMADPUR, DHAKA", "client": 36, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "THIS IS A COMMERCIAL BUILDING WHOSE OWNER IS A NGO(MARIE STOPES) AT MAOHAMMADPUR, DHAKA", "image_1": "projects/MSUntitled.png", "image_2": "projects/Marie_Stopes__4.jpg", "image_3": "projects/Marie_Stopes__5.jpg"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 105, "fields": {"name": "SUVASTU PROPOSED COMMERCIAL BUILDING", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "DHANMONDI 27(OLD), DHAKA", "client": 37, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "A COMMERCIAL BUILDING BY SUVASTU DESIGNED BY US AT DHANMONDI 27(OLD), DHAKA", "image_1": "projects/Unti2222tled.jpg", "image_2": "projects/Suvastu_Dhanmondi_27.jpg", "image_3": "projects/10.jpg"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 107, "fields": {"name": "KADALPUR IDEAL HIGH SCHOOL", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "MADDHYA KADALPUR, RAOZAN, CHITTAGONG", "client": null, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "A PROPOSED 5(FIVE) STORIED SCHOOL BUILDING AT MADDHYA KADALPUR, RAOZAN, CHITTAGONG, DESIGNED BY US", "image_1": "projects/KADDDDUntitled.jpg", "image_2": "projects/KADUntitled.png", "image_3": "projects/Image_view-A_001.jpg"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 108, "fields": {"name": "7 STORIED RESIDENTIAL BUILDING", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "MOHAKHALI DOHS, DHAKA", "client": null, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "PROPOSED 7 STORIED RESIDENTIAL BUILDING FOR THE OWNER OF T.K. GROUP ,DESIGNED BY US AT MOHAKHALI DOHS, DHAKA", "image_1": "projects/tk_grp.jpg", "image_2": "projects/TK_Group_exterior_building_view_08.jpg", "image_3": "projects/TK_Group_exterior_building_view_04.jpg"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 109, "fields": {"name": "PROPOSED 25 STORIED COMMERCIAL BUILDING AT GULSHAN AVENUE", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "GULSHAN AVENUE, DHAKA", "client": 37, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "A PROPOSED COMMERCIAL BUILDING(25 STORIED) FOR SUVASTU , DESIGNED BY US AT GULSHAN AVENUE, DHAKA", "image_1": "projects/UntitSU25led.jpg", "image_2": "projects/5.jpg", "image_3": "projects/11111.jpg"}}, {"model": "projects.projects", "pk": 110, "fields": {"name": "PROPOSED (G+1) 2 STORIED MOSJID AT PARAMTOLA HEELPULL HAFIZ MADRASSA", "date": "2017-09-28", "location": "PARAMTOLA, COMILLA", "client": null, "group": 3, "category": 17, "status": "consultancy", "description": "PROPOSED 2 STORIED MOSJID AT PARAMTOLA HEELPULL HAFIZ MADRASSA , CLIENT : AL- HAJ. ABDUL QUADIR KHAN, DESIGNED BY US, AT PARAMTOLA, COMILLA", "image_1": "projects/UPRORORntitled.jpg", "image_2": "projects/Poromtola_Mosque_01.jpg", "image_3": "projects/Poromtola_Mosque_03.jpg"}}]